the cogito foundation
P-102/02   "Anthropologie der Vernunft"
Recipient: Carlo Caduff, Collegium Helveticum, Zürich, CHF 3'500.-

For the publication by Suhrkamp of a volume of essays in German "Wissenschaft und Lebensführung" by Paul Rabinow (cost of travel and editing). The volume will also contain the transcript of an interview with Rabinow where he comments his older works and gives an outlook to future works. His thoughts about the possibilities of dialogue between the sciences and the humanities should be made accessible to a German speaking audience.

T-103/02   "Turing Day"
Recipient: Prof. Daniel Mange, Christof Teuscher, Logic Systems Laboratory, EPFL, Lausanne, CHF 5000.-

To cover the costs of travel and living of two speakers: Douglas R. Hofstadter, visiting Professor University of Bologna und B. Jack Copland, University of Canterbury, New Zealand at the Symposium "Turing day", which reviews Turing's work from different points of view. (The symposium took place at Lausanne, the 28th June, 2002.)

P-104/02   "KIDSinfo"
Recipient: Dr. Andrea Leu, Dr. Barbara Tschopp, Schweizerische Vereinigung der Ingenieurinnen (SVIN), CHF 2000.-

For the creation of demonstration materials (transparencies and pictures) for primary schools. Students will be familiarized with questions of science and technology at an early age. So far, no hands-on, real-life educational materials have been available for this level.


"Sciences au musée, sciences nomades"
Recipient: Dr. Ninian Hubert von Bleyenburgh, Dr. Béatrice Pelegrini, Musée d'histoire des sciences, Genève, CHF 23'250.-

To cover the costs of travel and living for the speakers at the congress: "Sciences au musée, sciences nomades". (September 18-20, 2002 in Geneva). The congress will discuss how scientific discoveries can be presented in museums without trivializing them and how scientific knowledge may be altered when it enters the realm of general culture.

P-108/02   "Robust long-term radioactive waste management".
Recipient: Dr. Thomas Flüeler, Umweltrecherchen, Hausen, CHF 10'000.-

Financial contribution for the publication of a volume by Kluver Academic Publishers, Dordrecht: "Patterns of Decision Making in Complex Socio-Technical Systems. Lessons Learnt from a Swiss Case Study". This is the English translation of a doctoral thesis with a novel, interdisciplinary approach to the handling of long-lived radioactive waste.

Decision Making for Complex Socio-Technical Systems (CHF 211.50)
Order Form (PDF)


"Dialogue on Science, Conference Oct. 23.-25, 2002"
Recipient: Academia Engelberg, Otto Kern and Patrick Held, Zurich, CHF 30'000.-

Support of the first "Engelberg Dialogue on Science", Oct. 23 to 25, 2000. Active cooperation to find synergies between the two foundations and to initiate joint research projects. Presentation of the goals of the cogito foundation during the opening ceremony and introduction of topics and problems in the workshops "Public Trust" and "Participation through Communication".

T-112/02   "BrainFair 2003 Zürich"
Recipient: Dr. Wolfgang Knecht, Center for Neurosciences Zurich, to cover the cost of the opening event of the BrainFair 2003: "Focal Dystony" with Maria João Pires; CHF 6'800.-.

The "Brain Fair" is part of the "Week of the Brain" during which the Center for Neurosciences Zurich presents ist research to the public. The opening event is a multidisciplenary seminar on the phenomenon of focal dystony, from which up to 30% of all musicians suffer. The Portugese pianist Maria João Pires will share her experience. The phenomenon will be discussed from a psychological and a neurological point of view and illustrated by musical performances.



Forum "cogito ergo sum" an der Universität Basel and 1. event december 6, 2002
Recipient: Prof. Hans Leuenberger, Unversity of Basle, Klaus Eichler, CHF 5100.-

Initiation of a cogito forum and organization of a first event "Das Narrenschiff" at the University of Basel on Dec. 6th 2002. It is the aim of the forum and its events to remind of the spirit of renewal at the time of the foundation of the University of Basel in 1460 and to recreate that spirit by consciously crossing the frontiers between disciplines and faculties.


"Historische Methode: zu den Grundlagen der Geschichte als Wissenschaft des Werdens"
Recipient: Prof. Norbert Furrer, Moudon, CHF 5000.-

Contribution to the cost of printing the book with the above title. It tries to synthesize a guideline of the historic method and to see "History" as a discourse and "Histeriography" as a science of transitions - all kinds of transitions, also transitions in nature that are independent from human influence. Thus the author relates the history of man with that of nature.