• R-132/13


    «Western and Maya concepts of cancer and chronic, non-infectious, pervasive diseases A transdisciplinary approach for comparative diagnosis and Maya patient's treatment description»

    Dr. Pius Krütli, Monica Berger, Martin Hitziger, Natural and Social Science ETHZ
    CHF 50'000.-

    The first phase of the MACOCC project set the methodological standards of our research with five Maya Councils of Guatemala (Kiche', Kaqchikel, Mam, Mopan and Q'eqchi'), aiming to describe their concept of cancer. In this project we now intend to correlate these anthropological investigations to biomedical research by focusing on the Maya diagnosis and treatment of chronic, pervasive, non-infectious diseases and cancer.

    The major objectives are

    1. to obtain validated biomedical diagnoses of 20-30 Maya patients from three ethno-linguistic groups affected by emically-defined chronic, non-infectious, pervasive illnesses,
    2. to complete the biomedical diagnoses of identified Maya "cancer" patients to obtain 5–10 pathologically confirmed cancer cases among Maya patients.

    With support from the Cancer Institute of Guatemala (INCAN) and other local partners, patients being treated by Maya doctors will be brought for determining the equivalent disease in modern biomedicine, later following a thorough documentation and reconstruction of their particular treatment regimes in Maya medicine.
    We follow a transdisciplinary process to facilitate putting into relation modern biomedical analysis and maya traditional medical explanations and applications.

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