Type of grants

Research Grants

Renowned researchers may submit a research project. The grantee is responsible for the selection of the personnel (graduate students, assistants, professionals). The project is embedded in an academic institution (University). The foundation does not pay overhead or infrastructure. Criteria for the grant decision are the scientific quality of the project and the qualifications of the Principal Investigator.


example project


Post doc scholarships

The foundation grants project oriented stipends for scientists recently graduated as PhD who want to perform post doc studies at a foreign institution. The criteria are the qualifications of the researcher, the quality of the research plan and of the institution the grantee wants to work (PhD studies are not supported).


example project



Fellowships are for the invitation of guest researchers, who have the potential to stimulate a research group. The collaboration should be for the duration of at least a semester. Criteria are the qualifications of the group and of the invited guest.



Congresses, Meetings, Seminars and the like may ask for financial support for the invitation of prominent speakers. The quality of the program and the qualification of the invitee are decisive. (no sponsoring)


example project


Public understanding of science

Events and activities that aim at increasing the understanding of Scientific thinking and the Scientific method in the public at large are supported (no translations, no printing costs).


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