Guidelines for the submission of proposals

Applications have to be sent electronically to as single pdf-document before the deadlines of May 1st and October 1st (1pm CET).


Additional costs of projects already funded by the SNF, the ERC or similar national and international funding agencies are not granted. 


Similarly, the cogito foundation does not cover overhead costs of the research institution (according to the recommendations of Swissfoundations). Research projects need to show an affiliation with a University.


Proposals can be submitted either in German or English and should follow the structure outlined below. Concentrate your proposal on the information necessary to evaluate your proposal fairly. There is no explicit restriction in length, but we ask you to follow Einsteins rule: “Keep it as short as possible, but not shorter!”


Research projects can be granted for a maximum period of three years, projects with a longer duration need to submit a separate continuation proposal. Usually research projects are granted for a one to two year period. As can be seen from the graph, the amounts granted vary around 50’000 CHF and rarely exceed 100’000 CHF.




Contents of a proposal (As a single PDF)

  1. Cover sheet
  2. Summary of the research plan (1/2 page).
  3. Relevance of the project for the cogito foundation.
  4. information regarding the project:
    • For research projects and fellowships: State of the art; State of own research; Research plan with timeline; references
    • For conferences and public understanding of Science: Schedule of the conference, incl. speakers or description of planned activities; Implementation of results
  5. Finances:
    Requested amount in CHF including a detailed budget.
    Available infrastructure, contributions from third parties, proposed plan of payments.
  6. General information about the principle investigator (CV).
  7. Legal requirements:
    Confirmation that the rules and bylaws have been read and accepted; Date, signature.




Cover Sheet (192 KB)


Rules And Bylaws (88 KB)