Important information per January 1st, 2022

After twenty years of activity with two objectives, the board of the cogito foundation has decided to no longer actively pursue the objective of promoting understanding between and collaboration of the exact and natural sciences with the humanities and social sciences. This has to do with the fact that in these 20 years we have seen on the one hand how rare projects are that fulfill this exemplarily and on the other hand in the increase of funding for inter- and transdisciplinary projects from governmental funders like the SNF or the ERC.

Therefore, starting in 2022, we will forcefully pursue the objective of promoting the understanding of the scientific way of thinking and abandon the funding categories of research grants and research fellowships. We will also limit our activities to Switzerland, as the projects we pursue in the future do not have to be linked to a university or research institution and therefore quality control is no longer possible. Therefore, we will involve the local network for this quality control, as it is already the case now for this type of project.

The cogito foundation aims to achieve a better understanding of the scientific way of thinking among the general public. It also strives to show the importance of basic scientific research.


Neu: Gesuchseingabe online

Ab 2022 werden die Gesuche über ein Onlineformular eingereicht.


New: application submission online

From 2022, applications will be submitted using an online form.