Goals of the foundation

Don’t the natural sciences provide facts? How can it be then that scientists don’t always agree and that they regularly change their opinion?

It is part of the fundamental nature of the scientific process that new experimental results lead to existing views being reviewed and, if necessary, adjusted. Particularly at early stages, when not much is known yet, there may be different opinions, or rather hypotheses and models. The dynamic development of models is therefore part of the DNA of the natural sciences.

The facts that science delivers are essentially the experimental results. However, these often do not provide much information without context. Only if the current model is also taken along for interpretation can useful conclusions be drawn. In this respect, the findings are always provisional, but the longer no one has succeeded in contradicting the model (or a part of it), the more reliable its statements are. However, there can always be someone who does a new experiment and then shows that it is a bit different than you thought. That's what makes it exciting!

The cogito foundation aims to achieve a better understanding of the scientific way of thinking among the general public. It also strives to show the importance of basic scientific research. Here, the focus should not be on the dissemination of the latest research results, but rather on the process of the Scientific method and the implications of its most basic tenants.