The cogito foundation has two different areas of grants corresponding to its two basic goals.

To study the gap between the Sciences and the Humanities as well as to bridge it, the cogito foundation funds research projects of a cross-disciplinary nature. These can originate from established researchers (research grants) or young investigators who recently obtained their PhD (Post doc scholarships). The main aspect of such proposals needs to be in the cross-disciplinary collaboration between the Sciences and the Humanities, where both parties gain scientifically from the research project. Thus the collaboration needs to transcend the established application of a method from one field in another. For instance purely neuroscientific investigations of the mind or art-historic studies applying chemical analysis are not cross-disciplinary in the sense we envision.


In order to foster the understanding of Scientific thinking in the general public, the cogito foundation funds projects of the type “public understanding of Science”, as well as workshops and conferences. Here, the focus should not be on the dissemination of the latest research results, but rather on the process of the Scientific method and the implications of its most basic tenants.


The path of a proposal after submission

After the electronic submission of a proposal as a single .pdf file by the deadlines of May 1st and October 1st, all submitted proposals are checked with respect to the congruence with the goals of the cogito foundation by the executive committee of the foundation council. Here, the part describing the “relevance to the cogito foundation” will be particularly closely studied. In case the congruence with the goals of the foundation is deemed insufficient, the applicants will be informed immediately that the proposal will not be considered. This decision is final.


Proposals passing this initial stage are submitted to the foundation council, where one member is responsible for a detailed assessment of the proposals scientific merit and prepares a recommendation for funding for the entire foundation council. At its meeting roughly two months after the deadline, the foundation council discusses all of these recommendations and decides the status of all proposals. This decision is communicated to the applicants immediately.